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Lucy Brooker : model gone M.I.A

Lucy Brooker committing career suicide in The Face (August 2002)
(thanks to spyral for the original link)

Photography: Diana Scheunemann
Magazine: The Face, August 2002
Models: Lucy Brooker & Enriko (IMG models)
From 2002 opinion piece:
The shoot is from the editorial published in Aug/2002 issue of a mainstream magazine The Face and shot by a female, believe it or not and was once described as a more interesting sign of the ethical downturn in The Face. This now infamous pictorial, which one can call porno-chic or downright pure pornography involves IMG models Enriko and Lucy Brooker - a relatively new model at IMG. It's one of her first apperances, and it's probably the last.
THE FACE, once the smartest magazine in the world, is about to die. How can one knows a magazine is dying? First of all, the editor hasn't resigned in protest over a disturbing surge in infomercials from the worst kind. In the November issue, for example, they have a so-so portfolio of Macaulay Culkin by Terry Richardson, a great portfolio of Asia Argento by Ellen Von unwerth, and then they have dozens of ads thinly disguised as editorial portfolios. Sometimes it bears the headline "Promotion", even not "emap promotion". And sometimes it looks like a The Face editorial, but it's an Orange Cellphone editorial. And nobody is going to tell you if the editors choose the pics, or if Orange's marketing directors did.

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