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MARTA GOTERA - sexy cheerleader pics

Meet the "Orange Cheers": Marta Gotera


Marta Gotera Martin

Student Administration and Management, Marta is a young native of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has completed her first season at the club. Besides the dancing, is a big fan of reading, travel, sports and cinema. On the other hand, is a girl who likes to get challenges and goals, always struggling to overcome.

For Marta is very proud to be part of the group of cheerleaders Granca, a fact that makes you feel full and very satisfied. It also highlights the great family which is next to their partners, ensuring that you learn a lot with them and grow as a person. SHe adds that dancing animation is "learning, while a challenge."

On the other hand, says that the worst thing that has to be cheerleader when it comes to balance work and personal life, as the performances combine their studies can be "a tad complex."

Although her time at Staff Plus is relatively short because it is in its infancy, Marta has already had the opportunity to do some traveling. Of those, mainly highlights the complicity and fellowship that is acquired togethers and meet people, places and cultures that ensures worthwhile. SHe adds that every place we visit is special as it brings "cosmopolitan characteristics and experiences."

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