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How to Buy Condoms Discreetly

Every sexually active person has been in the awkward situation of buying condoms in their local drugstore. Here's how to do it without getting stage-fright.

Buy condoms online. There are plenty of websites that will let you order condoms and have them delivered to your home. They typically require payment for debit or credit card, but will use a much more discreet name on the bill. You won't have "Jack's Sex Shop and Condom Store" on any of your card bills.

Figure out what type of condom you are going to purchase before beginning your mission. Don't be shy in preparing yourself before going to the store. Walking in and picking a brand right away is going to be much easier than browsing what is available

Be casual. The people who are ringing you up will ring up boxes of condoms every single day. You are not out of the ordinary. They will question you if you look fidgety or nervous because it seems like suspicious behavior, not because you are buying condoms

Walk discreetly up to the condom shelves. Grab what you are looking for and walk calmly to the checkout counter

Mix in other items. While not necessary, you might feel more comfortable if you buy a few more things and put them in your cart. This way, you are not standing at the counter with nothing but a box of condoms
Buy them at off-peak hours. You have a better chance of just dealing with the cashier if you go early in the morning or late at night during the week, as opposed to a Sunday afternoon

Tie a knot around the top of the bag with the handles. This way, if you drop the bag, the contents won't go flying out

Go to a clinic. Teen clinics and HIV/STD prevention centers offer condoms free of charge, with no questions asked

Stores with self-checkout systems are handy to use to buy condoms discreetly.

Going to a store in an area where no one knows you can help.

Some public men's toilets have condom dispensers which you can also use, either if you're embarrassed or in a pinch.

In the UK, you can buy condoms discreetly using text messages. Search for "order condoms with a text"

It may be helpful to take a few minutes to ask yourself why you are so nervous. While many personal purchases can be a little blush-worthy, no one should be ashamed of taking care of themselves. Are you worried that you seem too young? If you are getting into something that you are not ready for, then don't. Are you worried about your parents or friends seeing you? Why? Do a little soul searching to see if these fears hold any water.

Remember that you are doing something responsible, both for your safety and your partner's.

Try paying in cash. This takes less time than debit and you can be out quickly.

Paying for the condoms at a more secluded register in the back (i,e the hunting section or automobile section) is a good way to avoid crowds of people, and you can sometimes also avoid long lines.

Use it wisely

Make sure not to buy flavored condoms for vaginal or anal sex. They can cause irritation and the powder tends to spread. They can also cause infections for your partner.

Some stores keep their condoms behind a counter. If you are a paranoid teen worrying about his first condom purchase, go to where you can feel comfortable. If you are a married adult, and you are managing pregnancy and will be for a while, don't be afraid to go to where you can buy a larger box.

Make sure to check the "best before" date before you buy and/or use the condoms.

Make sure to learn how to properly use a condom.

Condoms don't prevent HPV (genital warts)if they are on the pubic area a condom won't stop that area from touching.

If you experience itching, rashes, bumps, blisters, or other irritations after using a condom, either on the area itself or on the rest of your body, stop use immediately and check with your doctor. You may have a latex allergy, in which case you should turn to alternatives, such as female condoms or polyurethane.

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