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Paris Hilton - a monkey love story

It all started innocently....

Love at first sight...

Lucky Monkey by turi12

But it was not so simple

you see...Paris was Engaged to a Wonderful man

    to be seeing in the company of another man,Can cause a lot of embarrassment and Shame to the young lady , Of the type Only strippers,porn stars and prostitutes Should bear in their lives.

It DIDN'T took a long time for paris to Decide who she Desires.
Fortunately, Paris is a rich girl , and she is Used to get all that she wants.
Pretty fast ,Her fiance "kicked ass" Out the door, and Paris Went out of the closet With her new lover.

There were lots of talk around, Eyes were watching,Whispers could be heard ,

But Paris Was Lost in her LUST...

the Passion for the BIG BLACK hotel size KING KONG creature
Was more than she could handle


The young couple didn't stop Making_out even in public places ,
Hugs and Kisses were the norm in Each party They went to.
Sometimes even Hands under clothes, in a Sense of urgency,
When they thought no one was looking

But everyone did....
See all
Not because Paris is a 
 Attention whore... no !

she is just a Girl in love...    yes...that's it  


After two months of dating The couple met Paris parents
 And received the blessings for a marriage In the future.

 but it wasn't to be...


When the couple met the lover Family for a Quick meal,
Paris Bad side overcame her, soon , Without waste of breath ,Paris Hands Were everywhere
Catching ALL the food for herself
The truth was there, Paris doesn't like to share 

With Salty tears and an empty stomach, the stunned Parents Announced their rejection of the new girl,

young kong Was lost for words

paris was Clueless about what happened, But will she ever learn ??

Which brings us to the Moral of this Little story 

If you eat alone , You die alone



The Beatles- Can't Buy Me Love Lyrics


this page is a Satire
Personally, I like Paris
I'd love to see Paris
play in one of the "debbie does dallas" movies

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