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Tihana Nemcic - Croatian Men's Football club coach

Meet Tihana Nemcic, 24-year-old former soccer player ,who has recently been appointed the head coach of Croatian fifth division soccer club, NK Viktorija.

before taking up the job, Tihana played for the women's soccer team of Croatian heavyweight Dinamo Zagreb and the Croatia national side, she has been among the 15 finalists for Miss Sport Croatia in 2008.

‘If a woman and a man have the same professional qualifications for a coaching job, I see no reason why I should not get into male football,’ she told 24 Sata.

She said her players ‘listen to me and make no problems,’ adding: ‘I am the head coach and I have full liberty to create and plan the team’s tactics.’

Nemcic apparently became interested in the sport through her football-playing boyfriend.

"I was watching him play, how he played ... and then I started to play myself and it has become part of me to this very day," she said.

"This is a big challenge for me. I have had some experience with kids, but with men's teams - no."

While Nemcic wants to be treated as an equal, there are some situations where being a woman means taking extra precautions.    

"We have a rule,” Nemcic said. “Boys go in to change. When they are finished, one of them comes out and calls me in.

"I would never put myself in the situation to walk in on them inside the dressing room."

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