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Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella : Topless

Miss USA 2011 and future nudie fixture Alyssa Campanella : Topless and this time you can see her perfect tits.

Thanks goes to Mr. B.Sampson for the links

from Celestine PRO 2 weeks ago
Flaunt Magazine
"Battle of Self"
Dir / David Solomini

* If not for Mr.Sampson sharp eye, it would been hard to ID the beauty queen. She was hiding beneath veneer of make-up and using only her first name. A delectable beauty queen, Alyssa is blessed with charismatic presence, perfect breasts and come hither smile. One of the most deserving winners of Miss USA. Lucky for us she is also an exhibitionist. Like I mentioned before, she was itching to go nude for a long time. The new breed of beauty pageants contestants have no problems with nudity especially when they become full-time models. If you want to make it to the top of the fashion industry in this decade, nudity is part of the stipulated contract at any agency. You can try your luck on reality shows if you don't to want to pose nude. I predict we'll soon see ambitious Alyssa on premium cable shows taking her clothes off in minor parts before graduating successfully as a mainstream actress.

Slightly different version (HD)

Good news comes in pair it seems :
Treats Magazine just posted they are planning to do a shoot with Alyssa and 2nd place winner in Miss USA 2012 (Miss Maryland) Nana Meriwether.

Nana Meriwether
* I expect Alyssa to go full frontal but Nana as recent participant will be much more modest. Steve, you lucky s.o.b!
Vision Models videos apparently cornered the beauty queens market acquiring Alyssa Campenella and  Miss Teen USA 2009 Chelsea Gilligan.

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com
While Chelsea expanded her modeling portfolio to both side of the coast, Alyssa is sticking to L.A which severely limits her options but don't think she really minds it. As I wrote before, Alyssa is an exhibitionist. She is poised to become the first American beauty queen to pose fully naked just after months her reign ended if she accepts Treats! proposal. Another reason for Alyssa courting potential controversy outcome - in my opinion - is an avenue for her to rebel against her dad. Her parents broke up some time ago amid infidelities rumor and her dad recently re-married which Alyssa was all lovey-dovey about it on FB and Twitter. Outwardly. Going to the extremities to get attention is only way for Alyssa to tell her dad how she really feels inside like most girls from broken home. Again this is all pure speculation on my part.

But what I'm certain about is the dawning of new age of nudity. The decade going to be a memorable one for lovers of female nudity. New generation of women (those generally born after 1988) who grew up in age of sexting and web-cam where nudity is part of the package to be accepted in order not to be excepted from social norm. For these women, sex and nudity becomes natural part of their persona even more so if you're in the entertainment industry. The pressure to conform to usual society 'moral' standards by certain group on women (for instance beauty pageants contestant) is slowly being challenged by the likes of Alyssa - inadvertently in her case.
The decline of mainstream modeling and fashion industry after 2002 has led to extreme measures by agencies to stay relevant and making it easier are new batch of freshie (some still in their late teens) with none of the nudity baggage of previous generation of models. 

Recent entrant of mainstream models and beauty queens (counted two so far in 2012 albeit state-level pageantry) into hardcore porn world is expected to bloom in next few years. Shouldn't be surprising considering the smut biz - despite given the 'dying status' by mainstream media - in many ways pay above your normal modeling rate. 

Slowly but surely escorting job is also taking off as well in this lousy economy especially in hot-spots like L.A and New York. It's prevalent in pimping and prostitution capital of of western Europe: Paris. Agencies are very much involved but make sure to have a middle guy in shape of sub-contracted smaller agency or former model to work out the kinks and take the fall if something goes wrong. But these perceived B-list models are not so popular as much as Eastern Europeans mostly due to limitation of the particular B-listers when it comes to sexual perverseness. EE girls is all pornstar experience.

You can find more of Alyssa here. Again appreciation goes to B.Sampson for the link.
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