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Want to inform about couple of new blogs I started recently. 

[1] Her First Time
All about upcoming celebs nudity in 2013 and beyond regardless if it was their first nude scene or not despite the blog title. I'm big on first-timers hence the misnomer. While there will be nudity, some things are out of my control. The editing (final cut) takes away more than half of the original shoot. The lack of quality supersedes the quantity of the nude scene. For instance : very brief view of tits/ass before cutting away to another person or different point of view. Blurring the nips. Using hair to cover the breasts. Filming in dark hues. But I must insist nudity news on this blog are 95% accurate.

[2] 2012 Cherry Breakers
Actresses who broke their nudity cherry in 2012. 

The updates will hopefully be periodical depending on my meds intake. New posts will come fast and furious if I'm lucid. So far it'll be sluggish as holiday season draws near.
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