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The FILManthropy Society

Guys, check out this site and if possible and out of your generosity loosen the purse strings. Even a small amount goes a long way.

The FILManthropy Festival is a unique philanthropic film festival that honors the film makers who use film as a medium to help make the world a better place, celebrates their work, and raises funds for the causes and organizations that they are passionate about and that are touched on in the films.
FILManthropy Festival is a canvas for instigating and inspiring change. Our objective is to showcase films that inspire, educate, raise awareness and motivate so that the audience may, through their eyes, open their minds and their hearts to creating a better world for all.

All of the films shown at the festival must strive to inspire change in the world; inspire community service around the corner or around the world; educate, raise awareness and shine a light on important social, economic, medical, environmental, educational and spiritual issues that have an impact on the local and global community. The two film categories are shorts and features, which can be narrative/scripted or documentaries.
FILManthropy is not only about important social causes - it raises funds and awareness for them. It is the first film festival where proceeds go toward the partner charitable organization of the winning filmmaker. Every filmmaker who enters is asked to select a charitable organization that they are passionate about, and for whom they wish to raise funds and awareness. The winning filmmakers will receive a trophy and prizes, and the charities they support will split the event's net proceeds with each other and with the Audience Award Winner.
Filmmakers and their charities will have information booths where you can learn about and support their causes during the festival and the awards party. The festival films will be screened throughout the day, culminating in the Gala Awards Celebration on the night of Saturday, May 19 at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.

Our festival tagline, OPEN YOUR EYES, embodies an evocative double meaning. It not only encourages patrons to literally open their eyes and watch the film, it solicits them to see; it also underscores the kinds of films in competition. Altogether, the films selected will raise awareness to forgotten or unknown issues, educate the audience, bring to light inspiring and need-to-know stories and serve to motivate the audience to open, through their eyes, their hearts and minds to help make the world a better place.

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