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her first time : Ashley Hinshaw

23-years old model-turn-actress and fucking gorgeous Ashley Hinshaw's will be nude for the first time on screen in upcoming indie flick Cherry @ About Cherry (2012)

Cherry will be available for premium video on demand August 9 and distributed theatrically September 21.

Ashley is one of those rare non-nude mainstream models who went on to do nudity on big screen.
Birthday: December 11, 1988
Height: 5' 7 ¼"
Birthplace: Indiana
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue / Green
Measurements: (US) 33-23.5-34.5

Cherry is about Angelina (Ashley Hinshaw), an 18-year-old girl on the verge of finishing high school. Angelina’s family life is difficult. Her mother (Lili Taylor) is an alcoholic and her step-father is violent and unpredictable. One morning her boyfriend (Jonny Weston) suggests she take naked pictures for money. She balks at first but then does the photo shoot, using the money to run-off with her best friend (Dev Patel) to San Francisco. In San Francisco, while cocktailing in a strip club, Angelina meets Frances (James Franco) a well-off lawyer who offers to introduce her to a different kind of world, a place full of expensive dresses and fancy parties. But that world is not as perfect as it first appears and Frances has problems of his own. At the same time Angelina, using the moniker Cherry, has begun exploring the San Francisco porn industry under the direction of Margaret (Heather Graham) a former performer turned adult film director.
Cherry was shot in the San Francisco Armory, home of Kink.com. At 250,000 square feet the armory is the largest adult film studio in the world. Stephen Elliott, the director of Cherry is a former sex worker who is also the author of seven books.
The movie was written by Stephen Elliott and Lorelei Lee, a porn performer who is also a writer and lecturer at New York University.
Cherry challenges assumptions about porn, sexuality, and success, and faces the difficult question of where you need to be in order to find yourself.

So far the reviews for Cherry has been poor but most folks at the festivals screening loved Ashley performance and was most watchable when she is naked....
The former Abercrombie and Fitch model was an absolute hit with the photographers and journalists at Berlin Film Festival where Cherry first premiered to mixed reception (the drama left the audience laughing, booing, and in a few cases, even walking out on the movie.). She is really far more beautiful in person and charming to boot. Pity about the movie.
Many Berlinale critics was disappointed with the weak script, incredibly poor editing (nude scenes are quickly chopped off when it was just getting interesting). Even more with lack of provocative sex scenes to make it bearable. That was a major gripe. Hinshaw show plenty but it’s not on the level of Elizabeth Berkley’s career-ending Showgirls type of naked bravura (meaning no full frontal). For a movie about porn performer – the celebration of the smut as an opportunity for a long-term career and a form of escapism, filmed in a porn studio – there is serious lack of proper sex scenes and clear nudes. The male half of the audience was expecting two highlighting contrasts to Ashley’s character. One is the innocent teenager with breezy outlook on life halved with Angelina persona as a porn performer (read: graphic nudity and sex) but the latter barely touches the surface.
The nudes and sex segments were shot in hazy dream-like style with soft-lens close-ups. There are lots of nude scenes. Unfortunately no explicit sex scenes (on the cutting floor?). In fact Ashley's first boy-girl was relatively tame and you really can’t see anything.
The movie is aimed at teenagers as sort of a feature length recruitment ad. The core audience. The only interest for guys will be solely for Ashley. And boy she delivers thanks to her natural sweetness and naïveté that rivals Graham in Boogie Nights. But it’s all pretty short. No extensive naked segment by Ashley. It would been nice if she was naked for at least for 5-minutes or so in solo mast scene……Ashley Hinshaw is an angelic beauty with innocence sculptured from mid-west conservatism.
the scene so hot...had to reupload it twice.

Sometimes upcoming actresses perform nude or risqué scenes to announce their ‘arrival’ in Hollywood. To make their presence felt across the showbiz world and big players to take notice. Often to separate themselves from other fish in the crowded pond. It’s a cut-throat biz and competition is fierce. Ashley is in Hollywood for the long haul and her approach to building and sustaining a career even if it includes sex and nude scenes should be the benchmark for other young female artists. You go girl. 
In many ways it’s a semi-autobiographical for Ashley - if you take out the porn and replace it with modeling/mainstream acting. A journey from a wide-eyed country girl to discovering something about herself she thought never existed. So far the roles I’ve seen her in revolve around Ashley playing a sexually flirtatious young adult and at same time being self-aware about it. Probably her niche and Ashley seems to be natural playing these kinds of roles. Keeping fingers crossed Ashley will be open to roles requiring nudity in the future. She have about 7-more years before Hollywood dumps her like any other actress when they reach mid-30's. Or when she goes for plastic enhancements to maintain those busty curves. Ashley went nowhere career-wise after couple of years and bada bing bada boom, she maximize her option in 2011 by working in two totally different flicks: Chronicle and Cherry. Either way, she earned a bit of name recognition. If mainstream roles remain scarce, don’t be surprised to see Ashley in further racy roles.

The reviews for Cherry :

[1] http://www.indiewire.com/article/berlin-review-02-16-james-franco-porn-cherry-bombs :
Ashley Hinshaw delivers a believably angst-riddled performance as 18-year-old Angelina, a San Francisco high school dropout eager to leave the home.     
At first lured into posing nude for the photographer friend of her rock-star boyfriend, Angelina eventually finds her way into a porn gig while waiting tables at a strip club. There, she follows the direction of an encouraging lesbian porn director (Heather Graham) who first meets Angelina while dictating her on-camera masturbation. But while that scene radiates an understandably palpable amount of heat, the ensuing story fails to keep up.
But for a girl whose only prior brush with the sex industry was taking a few cheesecake topless photos, seeing her only slightly blushingly discuss whether she’d be a top or a bottom in fetish play and then masturbate in a schoolgirl outfit on camera is a leap too far, too soon.
Angelina progresses from masturbation and girl-on-girl scenarios to full onscreen hetero penetrative sex, for no better reason than she "hasn't tried it before" and "it's my job," reacting with incomprehension when this decision proves hurtful to those around her.
Before all else, however, "Cherry" focuses on the process by which Angelina slowly grows comfortable with her titular onscreen alter ego, baring her body for the camera as a cathartic release from the baggage of her day-to-day life. That transition makes sense, but the screenplay fails to explore it in a meaningful way or even simply indulge in the naughtier aspects of exploring the profession.
"Cherry" eventually winds down with a laughably tidy resolution, celebrating a new approach to the oft-cited "male gaze" by putting it in the hands of a confident young woman. But it gets to that conclusion by way of a dry, uninteresting story occasionally enlivened by cheap titillation, which oddly defeats the only good point that "Cherry" has to make.

[2] http://www.screendaily.com/reviews/the-latest/-cherry/5038216.article
As a non-stop unintended punchline, Cherry could also find a home on the Midnight Movie circuit. And if young Ashley Hinshaw’s career takes off, a movie showing her taking her clothes off, no matter how ridiculous, will generate demand.
Life in the skin trade advances as Angelina serves drinks at strip club and chooses Cherry as her nom de porn.

[3] http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/cherry-berlin-film-review-291883
Angelina (Ashley Hinshaw) follows the suggestion of her boyfriend, Bobby (Jonny Weston), that she make some bucks by posing for erotic photos.
She also signs on with an adult film company where everyone is super-friendly and supportive — it’s just like Whole Foods! Adopting the screen name Cherry, she gets lucky with dream director Margaret (Heather Graham) on her first solo shoot. That experience is so easy-breezy she soon graduates to girl-on-girl, fetish and guy action.
Angelina has an icky reaction when she comes home and finds her friend watching her online in a sexy cop uniform, as she uses her truncheon on a naughty girl prisoner.
Hinshaw scrapes by because the camera loves her (and she shows enough skin to land a Cinemax sale), but the character has zero complexity.

[4] http://popstress.posterous.com/cherry-porn-same-same-and-no-different
What's really really bad is that the camera just gobbles and slobbers over Cherry, played by Ashley Hinshaw, the whole fucking 110 minutes long - Cherry's face, Cherry's body, Cherry putting on make-up, Cherry dressing up, Cherry showering, Cherry making a happy face, Cherry making a sad face. It felt like being forced into an infatuated, horny guy's point of view, with the camera constantly showing her fuckability.
Here's an example: When her boyfriend breaks up with her, telling her he finds her job and thus herself disgusting, the scene is intercut with the scene of her having her first "boy-on-girl" intercourse. We are SHARING the guy's mindfuck, the cinema in his head.
But where exactly is her sexuality in this? Unless I am meant to believe that there is actually no difference between her act and the real thing because Cherry's self-pleasuring looks exactly the way it looks when she's doing it for the porn camera (really? REALLY?!). The nature of desire and sexuality is never questioned here. The lesbian filmmaker is totally enthralled by Cherry's first striptease, which has her dressed kind of like Britney Spears "Hit me baby one more time" (this was actually a bit funny).
Anyway, if blonde is your type, you can go watch this film. Bring tissues.

[5]  http://sf.untappedcities.com/2012/02/27/cherry-a-film-by-stephen-elliott/
Hinshaw is golden and gorgeous in every frame—it’s no wonder the camera is in no rush to move to the next scene when Angelina is posing nude during her first photo shoot or when Graham as Margret directs her in a sex scene for the first time.

[6] glowing review (paid-for?) by Violet Blue at http://www.sfappeal.com/culture/2012/04/sfiff-cherry.php
"There is a lot of graphic sex and sex talk in Cherry, and I wonder what the rating will be. Elliott revealed in the post-screening Q and A that the film has just been picked up for distribution by IFC Films."
"SFians will really enjoy that much of the film was shot at Kink.com inside the Armory - the parts we seldom get to see. And it's not just a cool thing to see the girls banter and flirt in makeup, prepping in rubber couture (after all, this is the highest-end porn studio in the world), the backdrops of Fucking Machines, and areas of Kink only performers and HR get to see. We get to see a fairly accurate pastiche of the process of making porn at Kink - the girl's job interview, meeting other performers, director guiding solo and boy-girl scenes, and much more (including snippets of final product.)"
The movie comes out on September 21, 2012. Probably limited release.
VOD will follow quickly. The DVD release is expected to be unrated with an extended running time – reinserting scenes involving porn stars. But I will keep the expectation low. The possibility of seeing full frontal and explicit sex scenes involving Ashley is pretty much non-existent.

Cherry’s press conference at Berlin Film Festival - https://www.berlinale.de/en/das_festival/im_fokus/videostreaming/06_streaming_2012.html#item=1879
Observed from the press interview :
[1] Ashley apologising to her mum for appearing in porn themed flick. She is a cute one. Mum will be pissed the baby of the family is now porno poster child.
[2] When Lorelei was asserting the mainstream actors are not worried or mind doing X-rated scenes but for the usual negative public reactions. For me the biggest shock was Ashley's positive nod of the head and replying with a quick yes…….
[3] Stephen and Lorelei really didn’t see eye-to-eye with the script changes. She wanted far more explicit approach and Stephen prefers kow-towing to James Franco and mainstream producers by keeping the sex and nudity in vanilla mode.

It seems Ashley have always been fascinated with porn biz. Check out her role in Rites of Passage (2011). She plays a college kid who is sleeping with the prof and moonlighting as web-cam porn model.
When Chronicle premiered last weekend as the #1 film in America, it was a long time coming for one of its young stars. Ashley Hinshaw has been making the transition to film acting for a while, but her projects haven’t seen the light of day until now. It’s a pattern that worked out okay for a certain actress last year named Jessica Chastain. “Yeah,” says Hinshaw, laughing at the comparison, “I read an interview where she said ‘I was worried that what I did would never come out, but now my life has changed so much.’ And I can identify! It’s been a little crazy, because I spent two years in L.A. constantly working, going from project to project, but I had nothing come out yet. I was in this stage of limbo where I told my friends, ‘I swear I’m an actress, and you’ll see me one day!’ And now all of a sudden 2012 comes around and here we are.” Chronicle has been somewhat of a surprise hit, but Hinshaw had an idea early on that the project had the potential to break big. “From the first moment I read the script last spring," she says, “I knew it was going to be something really special. At the heart it was just this story of these three guys, and it’s so very real in motivation. When you watch the movie you feel like this could be really happening, and as much as you have to let your mind go with all these science-fiction powers, and the kind of craziness that movie becomes, you’re still watching three guys you feel like you could know. It’s not one of these superhero movies where everything is completely rooted in fantasyland.”
The shoot took place in Cape Town, South Africa, last May through July, right in the middle of the temperate South African winter. But it was necessary to travel all that way since the film is set in…Seattle? “Yeah, it was doubling as Seattle,”
Hinshaw laughs, “and in my mind I couldn’t imagine how that would work—but it actually works quite well. All the cast and crew were transplants down there so we really bonded, got close, spent time together just doing crazy things that you get the opportunity to do—go on safaris, shark dive. Cape Town, that was such an incredible experience to live there.”
Quite a far cry from the small Midwestern town where Hinshaw’s roots lie. “I spent most of my years growing up in La Porte,” she says, “which is a small town in northwest Indiana. It was just real normal, small-town life—lots of religion, lots of corn and farming. I liked growing up there, I didn’t know anything different, but I always knew I was going to leave. In a small town everybody say’s they’re going to leave, ‘I’m going to grow up and move somewhere and do something great with my life.’ But I always knew it.”
Show business turned out to be her ticket out of town, but her beginnings in theater were fairly inauspicious. “I remember my first audition. I was around nine and I auditioned for Pinocchio. My town is so small and maybe 40 people auditioned for this play, and there were like 35 roles so you were pretty sure that if you were auditioning, you were going to be something. And I didn’t get anything. It was so devastating to me. I was a bit of a shy kid even though I liked performing, and my parents were trying to nudge me into a more social activity, and then I didn’t get in. It was so traumatic for me that I decided I wasn’t going to do it again. As a nine year-old I was just humiliated. I remember sobbing that I didn’t get into Pinocchio.”
Cue the young ingenue’s parents, who wouldn’t let her give up so easily. “The next year my parents must have bribed me to audition again. It was The Wizard of Oz, so I agreed to do it and I got the role of Toto. Oh yeah, so I was so proud of this too, I was just determined to be the best dog in the world. I wore the dog suit, face paint. It took me quite a few years to get out of animal characters. I was Toto in The Wizard of Oz then I was some random bird in Alice in Wonderland. It took me some time for people to let me speak actual human language.”
From there Hinshaw was off and running in acting, and theater became a central part of her life. “I think I finally found something where I really belonged,” she remembers. “I get annoyed when actors say ’I didn’t have any friends and I was so geeky.’ I’m not going to say that, but I just had such a grand imagination that I spent a lot of time living in my own made-up world. Acting and being on stage made me feel like I belonged, and I found people in this world where you play make believe and people actually want to sit down and watch it. It was fabulous. I finally felt like I’m not just the weirdo kid talking to herself in her tree house.”
The path wasn’t without complications, though. Sometimes dead ends appear in creative careers, and Hinshaw hit one early. “I got really into musical theater for a while,” she remembers, “and you know it’s a small town so there wasn’t much  competition. So when I say I was good, it doesn’t mean Glee should be calling me anytime soon, but I think I held my own for my little town. Then I had one traumatic experience and my mother, bless her soul, was very honest with me about how bad it was. I think she thought she was being helpful with an honest critique, but it just mortified me so badly that I have this huge complex now that I am tone deaf and I can’t sing and I won’t do it. I don’t think that’s reality but it’s been so ingrained in my head now. I was Wendy in Peter Pan singing my little solo, I couldn’t have been more than 13 or 14 and it was just bad. I would love to see it now. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I’m remembering, but maybe it was! It very well may be. I stopped doing musical theater right after that. Left that to the professionals.” 
When the chance came to leave—at the tender age of 16—it wasn’t acting but modeling that provided the opportunity to leave town. “My mom had always tried to help me get a commercial agent,” she explains, “and all the modeling agencies would say, ‘Oh she’s so cute, but she’s not tall enough to be a model.’ So it wasn’t something I ever really went after. But then through a weird course of events, Wilhelmina scouts stumbled upon me and offered me this contract and it was like,
‘You want to take me to New York and put me up and guide me and if I fall on my face I just go back home and go back to school like I was anyways? And in the meantime I get to see the world and meet all these great people?’ It was kind of a no brainer to me.”
The next few years were a blur, as Hinshaw made money, built a career, saw the world, and grew up, all at once. And she reached some pretty great heights in the business, becoming a face of Abercrombie and Fitch, among others: “Man, I lived everywhere—Spain, France, Greece, London. I lived everywhere. As a Midwestern small-town girl I had never seen those places. I had never left the country before my first modeling job. A year later, I had to renew my passport because I didn’t have any pages left. It was really a wild ride.”
But the acting bug was still there. “I realized kind of quickly there were a lot of girls I was working with mid twenties to early thirties,” she says, “that were working regularly, but they had been doing the same thing for 15 years. And they had made money and stuff, but they all wanted to do something else. But they felt they had to keep modeling because they were making money. I realized quickly that if I was going to pursue the acting thing I was going to have to make the change and just kind of walk away from the modeling thing, while being glad I had made enough money to support myself and be able to make the move to L.A. I knew if I stayed doing it, trying to do both at the same time, there would always be a carrot dangling in my face: ‘Oh, do you want to travel to Morocco for 10 days and make a big huge wad of money doing a modeling job,” but in the meantime maybe miss acting opportunities. I knew it would be hard to turn down, so I just made the decision that I was making the switch. So far, it’s turned out to be a good decision.”
scar on Ashley's forearm.......
A good decision, indeed. In addition to the surprise hit Chronicle, she’ll be seen this year in Rites of Passage alongside Stephen Dorff and Christian Slater, in Cherry alongside James Franco, Heather Graham, and Dev Patel, and playing Miley Cyrus’ best friend in LOL. It’s a great beginning of a career for Hinshaw. 
She now lives in Los Angeles, of course, but she still thinks of herself as that Midwestern small-town girl: “The first couple years I moved after I left I couldn’t imagine going back. I couldn’t stand the Midwest, didn’t want anything to do with it. But now that I’ve been gone for a while, I’m kind of realizing the charm in the small-town life a little more now that I’m constantly surrounded by smog and traffic.”

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