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Jennifer Ward & Erin Cline : topless and lezzing

It's an oldie but a nudie goodie. Horror short Simone (2008) has everything the genre fans love including nudity.
Busty actresses Jennifer Ward and Erin Cline show the goodies in pretty hot lez session. It was their first topless scene ever.
Erin Cline


   Jennifer Ward


The Man-Cave Interview: Simone star Jennifer Ward


TMC: When you auditioned for Simone, what exactly did you do in your audition that you believed sealed the deal with Joops Fragale?  

JW: Well, the truth is, I didn't audition - I had worked with Joops before in Parting and Mike Long, one of the producers of Simone, asked if I would read over the script and consider doing the role. It was a tough decision for me. I can't tell you how much I loved working with 386 Films, but the fact that the role did require some nudity was a concern. I had never done a film like this and once it's out there - then it's out there.  I really had to weigh the potential future consequences that could occur - in the end, I determined that I could not give up the opportunity to work with 386 Films again and I knew that they would handle the nudity and love scenes like the professionals they are. It has been the best decision I have ever made and I couldn't be more proud of this film.

TMC: If we can talk about the love scene for a second and maybe expand on some of your comments from earlier on - was it uncomfortable or awkward to shoot the love scene with fellow actress Erin Cline? Or have you previously been filmed in nude/love scenes which prepared you for this challenge? You looked extremely natural and passionate, which really sold that part of the film.
JW:  I have never done a scene this extensive before in that regard. While there is some degree of uncomfortableness going on simply because you are half naked and making love in front other people - when the cameras are rolling I am my character and feel everything that she does. I thought that 386 Films captured the moment beautifully.  

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